We are a Colorado Oil and Gas family. My husband fed our family by working in the oil patch in Weld County for many years. Oil and Gas production will continue to be a critical part of our school funding.

I will defend our jobs

and economy in Weld County.

“Those of us in the Colorado State House of Representatives look up to Representative Saine as the most vocal and effective champion for hard-working Oil and Gas families. Her heart for making so much of our daily modern life possible and affordable is only matched by her brilliance on the topic. Representative Saine has demonstrated herself to be a champion for Oil & Gas by coordinating bills with the industry that demonstrate their commitment to safety while respecting mineral rights owners across the state."

--Representative Mark Baisley

I passed HB1421, giving companies and property owners in Weld County a break until Oct 1st to pay property taxes.

This will also help our and gas companies struggling to pay higher 2019 taxes with

depressed 2020 revenues. Forced to choose between paying property taxes on June 15th or laying off workers, some companies would have been forced to do the latter.

This Legislation saved Weld County jobs.


Lori Saine worked with the Industry to successfully increase public safety with underground pipelines and orphan wells. As a result, we now have the best 811 reporting system in the country.

Saine oil and gas defender.png

2020 Performance Audit Research request granted for COGCC production reporting processes 

2020 Performance Audit requested for COGCC rulemaking and permitting processes 

COGCC production reporting audit request